Yoghanda | Balance Roll-On | Jasmine + Cypress


Our Co founder Aisling sampled these oils in a yoga studio in Dublin in 2015, they were so good that ever since she has always carried a Yoghanda Oil in her bag. At SbtS we now also use these oils on our wellness experiences 

Balance roll-on

Created by Sinead founder of Yoghanda, a yoga and mindfulness teacher, who spent 3 years meditatively blending to create this oil.

A Sensuous Reset

This balancing essential oil roll-on brings equilibrium and quiet strength to mind and body

Jasmine has a unique affinity with the female cycle, balancing hormonally. Clary Sage balances the pituitary gland - it uplifts, fortifies, calms, strengthens.

🌿 Earthy and evocative Jasmine, Clary sage, Cypress, Vetiver

🌿 This luxurious handmade blend of essential oils will re-align mind and body

🌿 Feel for yourself how it ignites the inner Wonder-Woman

🌿 We make in very small batches - grab it while you can!

 100% natural vegan ingredients: Coconut oil (capric triglyceride), Cypress oil (cupresses sempervirens), Lavender oil (lavendula angustifolia)**, Jasmine absolute (jasmine grandiflorum), Clary Sage oil (salvia sclarea), Myrrh oil (commiphora myrrha), cedarwood oil (cedrus atlantica bark), Coriander oil (coriandrum sativum seed), Vitamin E (tocopherol), limonene*, linalool*, geraniol*, benzyl alcohol*, eugenol*, isoeugenol*, farnesnol* And Absolutely Nothing Else!

* Naturally occurring within essential oils. ** Organic ingredients. 

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