How do I look after my mat?

Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 

Never fold or crease your mat, roll it up loosely like you would any other yoga mat. Thankfully cork is self-cleaning which is great, however we recommend you clean the cork surface monthly if it gets dirty with a water based solution at first then bicarbonate of soda if you got really dirty marks on it. Please don’t waste your money on “mat cleaners”.  

Microsuede and Natural Rubber Mat 

We recommend hand washing them with a wet cloth or sponge and mild detergent when possible. This saves on water and will prolong the life of your mat.  

To speed up the drying process you can wrap your mat in a towel and squeeze out any excess water. 

Hang to dry and keep out of direct sun when drying to keep colours vibrant.

Again never fold or crease your mat, roll it loosely like you would with any mat.

Why are your yoga mats eco-friendly?

Sisters by the Sea yoga mats are made from the bark of the cork oak! there is no need to cut down a single tree, the cork is then thermo-bonded (no glue) to a recycled natural rubber bottom which is slip-resistant. Overall this means a negative carbon footprint.

Our Microsuede and natural rubber mats  have a 3mm biodegradable & recyclable natural tree rubber base with a super soft microsuede (vegan) top. Also thermo bonded to a recycled tree rubber bottom which is slip resistant. Making for a healthier and happier planet. 

They are free from silicone, toxic glue, PVC, odor and other nasties. And are completely biodegradable. Did you know PVC in yoga mats will take thousands of years to biodegrade where PVC free yoga mats will biodegrade in a short space of time.

All our packaging is fully biodegradable and recyclable. There is no soft plastic used in our shipping processes.

Are your yoga mats vegan?

Yes indeed. No animal products go into the making of Sisters by the Sea yoga mats.

Where are Sisters by the Sea mats made?

The top cork layer is Portuguese. It’s thermo-bonded, so no glue is used to attach it to the flexible recycled-rubber bottom. The mats are currently made in East Asia. 

Why are there small micro gaps in the cork surface?

Our high-performance cork comes from a tree - the Cork Oak. Ours is harvested from Portugal. The bark is shaved and is never uniform as it’s a natural product when it’s layered onto the surface of the rubber mat you may occasionally see some micro gaps- maybe 1-2mm apart. This is absolutely normal and does not affect performance. 

Why sometimes after practice is there a white scuff mark on the cork? 

This is dried skin and can be wiped off!

What is the best thickness for your yoga mat?

The cork yoga mat is 3mm thick, 1mm sustainable, natural organic cork + 2mm non-slip, flexible naturalrubber base. Giving the perfect cushioning for all of your practice and not heavy to carry like some cork and natural rubber mats at 5mm thickness.

Microsuede and natural rubber yoga mats are 3mm also thick, 1mm microsuede vegan surface 2mm non-slip flexible natural rubber base which again makes for perfect cushioning.

What are your wholesale prices?

We would be thrilled to work with any studios/gyms and retailers. Please contact us for details at hey@sistersbythesea.co 

I can't decide what to buy for a gift, what are my options?

Simply treat a friend or family member to a Sisters by the Sea Retreat.. print the email you receive after your purchase and wrap with eco-packaging!