Wellness ~ Nature ~ Nourishmemt

Sisters by the Sea is a Northern Irish Wellness brand, co-founded by sisters (Kellie and Aisling) and created with a heart-centred mission to improve peoples well-being. 

In a very busy world it is now integral that we each carve time out away from devices and spend time reconnecting with self, nature and community!

On a Sisters by the Sea Wellness Experience you are guided by a team of incredible wellness practitioners. You will tap into wellness tips, tools, and practices that will offer moments of rest, joy and rejuvenation!

Moving forward in life you will feel refreshed and inspired by the warmth, the wisdom shared and the wonder! Your own natural wellness toolkit will be brimming over with ideas, so that you may further explore what lights YOU up and go there time and time again! 

As we continue to evolve and expand we now offer group bookings as well as corporate wellness experiences.

We also offer items so that you can take your wellness experience home with you and continue to carve time out being kind to yourself. These items are available in our online store and in our current Pop Up at Colektiv, in Hollywood, Belfast, Co Down.