Sisters by the Sea is a Northern Irish Eco-Wellness brand created with a heart-centred ethos and mission to inspire wellness in the young and older, to elevate the health of our people and our home - planet earth.

Through our online hub, seasonal retreats and eco-luxe yoga mats, Sisters by the Sea encourages our c(om)munity to schedule self-care, to retreat with SbtS, or to retreat to your mat; eitherway, to carve out precious time to nourish your body, mind & soul. 

We are Kellie, a nutritional coach and Aisling, a nurse, both mums with a great passion for inspiring wellness by encouraging healthier living and working as female health advocates.

Here at SbtS, we recognise the healing powers of yoga & Mother Earth, and in honour of both, we have designed and sourced eco-conscious yoga mats, which are not just kind to the skin that use them and the hands that made them, but also kind to Mother Earth.