Corporate Day Retreat


Treat your team in 2023

to a Wellness Day Retreat with SbtS at 

Enniskeen Estate & Forest Spa, Newcastle, Co Down.

Inspire time out in nature, away from digital devices, your team will surrender to a nourishing flow guided by our expert team of specialised wellness practitioners. We recognise that every organisation is unique and so we offer flexibility and customisation in our wellness offerings. 

At SbtS, we take a holistic approach ensuring each retreat provides nourishment of body, mind & soul. We appreciate our interconnection and recognise that the strength of your team is inseparable from the health and vitality of each individual member. Your team will tap into mindfulness techniques and practices along with self-care tips and tools supporting their emotional and physical equilibrium. Plant based, locally harvested food will be provided on the day ensuring your team nourishes from the inside out. Each retreat will assist in cultivating a renewed and refreshed outlook, one with a greater capacity to pause, nourish and rejuvenate. Then proceed with optimal health + vitality, benefitting personally and professionally.

If you would like to discuss our Corporate Wellness Retreat options, email us today and we shall draw up a retreat specifically for you and your team, and support your organisation towards new levels of vitality. 

With peace, harmony + mindfulness

Team SbtS