Sustainability Philosophy

Since the very beginning Sisters by the Sea has been committed to developing a brand fuelled with purpose benefitting people + planet.  Sustainability is part of our DNA at Sisters by the Sea. Social and environmental kindness is the heartbeat of all that we curate and design. It plays a huge part in every decision. 

As Northern Ireland's first sustainable wellness brand we focus on providing bespoke wellness experiences in the heart of nature benefitting body, mind, soul and our home - planet Earth.

On each wellness experience and throughout day-to-day operations, we strive to operate in harmony with our natural surroundings. All that we bring to our wellness experiences are made from eco-conscious fibres. They are easily erected and also easily taken away without impacting the earth.  We hire local, and we buy local seasonal food to also reduce our footprint.

Our items designed in-house are made from eco-conscious fibres inspiring your wellness at home. All packaging used is compostable/recyclable. And receipts are digitalised and paperless.

Sisters by the Sea is affiliated with locations who share a common vision to protect the land. These locations continue to plant native trees thus allowing biodiversity and wildlife to thrive which offsets any minimal impact.

We are proud runners up in the Newry Chamber of Commerce most green business 2023.