Eco Water Bottle | Drink more H2O


Love the vessel you’re in, and it will serve you well.

At SbtS we have teamed up with Circular to bring you these beautiful eco-friendly water bottles with our own in-house designed artwork.

Made from 14 single-use bottles, the pioneering Circular Reusable Water Bottle has a 10-year lifespan and is specifically designed to be easily recycled back into the next new product. Backed by their industry-leading takeback promise, Circular’s Reusable Bottle represents the next generation of products that eliminate waste and pollution by capturing and reusing what we already have.

Specifically designed for life on the go, the Circular Reusable Water Bottle is lightweight, leakproof and features a signature one-handed push-click lid with 360-degree drinking. Through simple choices, we can make a big impact.

Every purchase of a Circular&Co. Reusable Water Bottle funds a sustainable solution to global waste.


21oz / 600ml – H224mm (with lid) / H184mm (without)­

Base diameter: 84mm

Lid diameter: 84 mm