‘Walk in Beauty’ Mala Bracelets (Stackable)

  • 8mm beads (21 beads per bracelet)
  • 14K details
  • 18K Gold Lotus
  • Kunzite for Love.
  • Aquamarine for relaxation. 
  • Amethyst for harmony.
  • Moonstone for femininity and creative energy
  • Handmade in the South of France

Affirmation: I walk in beauty and make all around me beautiful.

This beautiful mala bracelet quartet adjusts and tunes your souls unique symphonic frequency, allowing your essence to walk in beauty. Amethyst, Aquamarine, moonstone and pink kunzite are powerful gemstones that when combined, work with all your chakras, by unblocking the emotions that no longer serve you, allowing energy to flow effortlessly. Awaken to the path of walking in beauty.

This beautifully inspiring bracelet was designed by Dani Hunter from ‘Lila in the Sky’, Dani alike us at SbtS, is a dreamer and storyteller. Dani tells stories to heal hearts and the heart of the world. Her stories are told through her art and jewellery, to remind you, that you are the storyteller of your story and life.  Another amazing soul leading from the heart inspiring wellness in our people and planet. 

‘Lila in the Sky’ jewellery is handmade, eco-friendly and filled with meaning and intention to empower you to live your best life. Lila in the Sky supports the Amazon and its indigenous people. Made with natural gemstones and traditional Chinese Medicine crystal healing to support your body, mind and spirit. Your body is sacred and so your jewellery should be too.  

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