In November we celebrate International Stress Awareness Day, as declared by the International Stress Management Association. Did you know that in 2022 62% of the global population said that stress affected their daily lives at least once and medical research now estimates as much as 90% of illness and disease is stress-related!! This is such a concerning topic. At Sisters by the Sea we want to raise awareness and help YOU to relieve your stress and live with optimum health and vitality. Today we are sharing our five tips! 

Spend time in nature when you can

When we spend time in nature we tap into our parasympathetic nervous system and our bodies move from stress response into rest and digest mode. Some studies have shown that time in nature is indeed an antidote for stress. As well as the reduction of stress hormone levels, nature can lower blood pressure, enhance immune system function, reduce anxiety and improve your mood. 

Practice deep belly breathing

Did you know that most people do not use their lungs to their full capacity! We suggest spending five minutes each day focusing on your breath..Think smell the rose, blow out the candle, inhale in through your nose and exhale longer out through your mouth! Deep belly breathing can have a profound positive impact on your body and mind, again activating your nervous system to rest, reducing the overall stress and anxiety you may be experiencing.

Nourish with clean foods and exercise regulary

Clean foods and physical exercise are two important tools. When we’re feeling stressed it is easy to reach for the sugary and fatty convenience foods. Plan ahead as a way to prevent this from happening. Physical exercise is a great stress reliever. It doesn't have to always mean huge exertion. Even going for a walk or stretching your body throughout the day is enough to get your blood moving and releasing endorphins that can boost your mood almost instantaneously.

Unplug from devices

Unplug from devices especially at night as the blue light can disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling more stressed the following day.

Be mindful

All your power resides in the present moment. Mindfulness is such a wonderful tool to tap into. Practicing mindfulness daily will allow your stressors to float pass you like clouds!

At Sisters by the Sea you can join us in 2024 for a unique mindfulness experience in the heart of the Mourne Gullion Strangford UNESCO Geo Park. Immerse in a wonderful 3 hour experience and return home feeling rejuvenated. Book via website 1st December 2023. And in the interim keep carving out time nourishing your body, mind and soul today and everyday. Head over to our website and purchase items that will add to your wellness journey.

Guiding you closer to your personal wellness toolkit.
With love 

Sisters by the Sea 



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