Hey there beautiful folk,
We thought it might be nice to come on here, to mark the beginning of a new chapter and also update some of you who couldn’t make it to the launch gathering of our Summer Pop up in Colektiv Yoga, Hollywood, Belfast Co.Down! We had a such wonderful day filled with so much positive energy and we are so very grateful for each and everyone of you who attended as well as those who called and sent messages. When people come together to support one another the inspiration, the connection, the collaboration and energy vibrates at such a beautiful frequency. This made the gathering so very special for us and so again thank you. 

If you’re new here though we would like to share with you a little of what has been happening at SbtS…
SbtS began just before the pandemic, co-created by two sisters with a heart-led mission to inspire more nourishment and natural wellness in our people and planet. We really are a small brand with a very big heart! As co founders, alongside our teams on retreat and now at Colektiv Yoga we have been taken on a beautiful journey of learning and growing, all so that we can continue to inspire our community from a place of knowledge, understanding and integrity. It definitely hasn't been easy but as they say in business “nothing is linear”. We continue to listen in attentively and navigate SbtS in a way that will hopefully inspire people near and far through our nature retreats, conscious collections and our online space. 
At SbtS, the way we see it is, you have 5 homes - body, mind, soul, bricks and mortar, and our home planet earth! How you nurture one, lends to the other! 

On retreat with SbtS, we tap into nourishing tips, tools, and mindful practices that have been shared for thousands of years like Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork,  Forest Bathing, and so much more. Each promoting more mindful moments of slowing down, more conscious living connecting with self, community and nature. Each retreat takes place on the stunning grounds of the Enniskeen Estate & Forest Spa, nestled away in the heart of the Mourne Mountains, Newcastle, Co.Down. Those who attend leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired by the warmth, the wisdom shared and the wonder! 
At SbtS we also looooove getting our creative on! During the pandemic we designed our own eco yoga mats in an effort to inspire you (if not on retreat, or in the studios) that you are caring for yourself at home. Did you know that 'asana' originally meant 'seat', the seat you take for meditation! Why sit on a mat made from unnatural resources like plastic and synthetic fibres, that hold chemicals and dangerous dyes, that go on to sit in landfills releasing toxins into the air that we breathe and taking thousands of years to biodegrade! So this is why when designing our own yoga mats we looked at natural fibres like cork and natural rubber. Our kids mats are made from microsuede and natural rubber which again is kind to skin, kind to maker and kind to planet. 
As we have evolved we later designed our own athleisurewear, all TIMELESS pieces! Did you know that fast fashion now produces approximately 52 micro-seasons per year, that's one new collection per week, this is exactly why they call is 'fast'! This then leads to massive consumption and waste in landfill sites. If we continue to consume at this rate, our planet is destined for burn out! Now we know this sounds heavy and we are all about the positive sunny vibes at SbtS but we are also about what is real! Each of the items we design and source are designed to last, and when you're ready, we encourage you to pass your item on and keep them out of landfills. We want you to choose timeless pieces that can be used ALL SEASONS and be a part of positive change! Remember, everytime you make a purchase you are showing up for the kind of world you want for you, and our children and our children's children!!!! 
As we continue to build this beautiful brand we hope the message reaches more and more people - go slowly, refill your cup often, nourish your 5 homes daily! And in doing so our world will live in harmony with greater health, vitality and more love, peace and compassion! 
The 20th May 2023 marks the beginning of a new era for SbtS where our conscious collections are now available to purchase in-store at Colektiv Yoga. Please remember that the most sustainable item is the one you already own but if you choose to purchase, look for our conscious collections at Colektiv Yoga and on SbtS' website. If you’re after a yoga class in a dreamy studio look into a class at Colektiv Yoga and if you are in search of a half day or overnight nature retreat head over to the ‘retreat’ tab here on our website and book today or email us on hey@sistersbythesea.co
We look forward to sharing more exciting plans with you as we continue to evolve and grow. Thank you for your support as always. And please continue to support small brands doing their best to inspire a nourishing present and future for our people and planet. 

With love in abundance 
Aisling & Kellie xx